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It was almost a case of blink and it was gone this morning as volunteers from a number of Caistor’s groups cleared away the tree from the market square, signialling the end of another Christmas.

2 thoughts on “Fast-working volunteers clear away tree

  1. A great set of photographs Stewart and a great bunch of people helping, including yourself.
    Without these volunteers Caistor would be a lesser place. We’re fortunate that Caistor has many more dedicated people in many organisations and individual contributors.
    Volunteers come in many forms, some paid and some aren’t. You’ll find that Caistor volunteers are unpaid whether it’s the Lions, Caistor in Bloom, etc. Well done to all and many thanks to all the local firms who willingly contribute their time and resourses to the area they reside in. That includes the various councils.

  2. The video encapsulates perfectly the great community spirit which is very much alive and well in Caistor. Pleasing to see all these brilliant volunteers out on a Sunday morning working tirelessly on behalf of this wonderful town.

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