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Caistor Women’s Choir members are preparing to try out their new rehearsal venue this evening (Monday, January 8, 2018) at the town’s Arts and Heritage Centre at 28 Plough Hill.

Leading member Maura Cook explained that it would be interesting for the 35 or so members to experiment with the acoustic at the new venue, “plus, it would be nice to sing while surrounded by books”.

Formerly, the group met at one of the rooms at the Methodist Chapel.

The group meets every Monday from 7.45pm, with the sessions costing £3 a time, though there are also concession rates. It is not age specific and some teenagers and pre-teens also attend.

“People are often shy about joining music groups,” said Maura, “They tend to think music is either something people are good at or not. With a gardening club, people might join thinking they might not know much about gardening but they can learn. But people who think they are not good at music can progress in exactly the same way as anyone can learn more about gardening.”

The choir group also has a Facebook group at where updates are posted.

Ms Cook is also helping to bring Women’s Breakfast sessions to Caistor Arts and Heritage Centre.

“We had one in November where one woman talked about her PhD study into nuclear physics and another talked about her work looking at the life cycle of building materials,” said Ms Cook.

Ms Cook said the Women’s Breakfasts allowed women to talk about the work they did “because so many women do such interesting things.”

There is no specific cost – guests just order a breakfast. Men are also welcome.

The next breakfast is on Saturday, January 20 at 9am and is expected to end at about 10.15am.

The photograph shows a screenshot of Caistor Women’s Choir’s Facebook page.

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