VE Day 2020: A short afternoon walk around Caistor

I did not get far, spent too long meeting people and chatting, I can’t recall speaking to so many people in person having become almost a ‘virtual online human’.

Lots of people have been sending in images as well, I think they will make a great exhibition when we can do such things again, thank you

Stay Safe….Stew

4 thoughts on “VE Day 2020: A short afternoon walk around Caistor

  1. Ian S.
    Now over 3 months in Pennsylvania and can’t return till June, yes I know, isn’t life hard!
    These terrific pictures have reminded me what I have been missing and what a wonderful community spirit is alive and thriving in Caistor.
    Cheers everyone.

  2. It is lovely to hear from you Ian, and I hope you are well over there, and I am glad you enjoyed the pictures

  3. Well done Stewart for getting out and about. Great pics. Cromwell View and Chichester Drive, as you know, came together well and I’m pleased to say that social distancing was observed well. Any blips were soon picked up on.
    We all listened to the Queens speech through the amplifier via iPlayer.
    Frankie Thomas brought the proceedings to a close at 10.30pm. A good time was had by all.

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