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1 thought on “VE Day tomorrow

  1. Just take a minute to reflect on what Men and Women did for 6 years to ensure the freedom of this nation and the rest of the world what pain, what sacrifices and to carry that experience stoically for the rest of there lives. I remember Three Granddads all with great humour and fantastic personalities who were fine upstanding men with great manors and dignity, People in this fast uncompromising cynical world today could learn much from that generation. Enjoy the sunshine, enjoy your day but do not forget that we enjoy the peace we do now because of those people. Even while we are thinking that we are hard done by in this time of pandemic be polite to the shop workers and front facing staff who are only doing their jobs, dont get snotty because you had to que or wait more time than normal….. Its a small price to pay to be safe. Take care everyone and all the best

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