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If you fancy learning how to take better images of the things you sell, or want to win some photo comps, or even consider earning a living from photography then join me on these courses, I’ve got some wicked things to teach you, we will have a blast.

Email me on if you can’t get through to the college

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    • Hi Caroline,

      The courses start this coming week and price wise it depends on which course and what your personal circumstances are. So if you joined level 1 then the maximum you would pay for the 12 weeks on a Thursday afternoon would be £80 for the whole course, but could be free. The level 2 is on Thursday mornings for 18 weeks and would cost a maximum of £140 or could again be free.

      The college will be open on Monday on 01673 843489 and they will be able to confirm price and reserve you a space. Thank you for asking

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