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Report by Chris Carver.

The latest musical talent to emerge from Caistor Primary School performed their first live gig last week at the Friends of Caistor Primary School Camping Weekend – but this time it was adults performing.

The Caistorways – Caistor’s own sea shanty group – is made up of a motley crew of Dads, Granddads and hangers-on who were press-ganged by the Pied Piper of Caistor (aka Nick McCann).

The group was set up after a Key Stage 2 music project about sea shanties last autumn.

Several months of practice culminated in the gig and the Caistoraways have even been booked to perform at a wedding, the result of fierce bidding at the auction of promises that night.

This informal grouping now meets twice a month on the first and third Thursdays at 8pm at The Settlement. Other customers have been known to join in as well.

All are welcome to come along and listen or join in. The ability to hold or even read a note is not a prerequisite. To paraphrase the late Eric Morecombe, most of the notes might be there, not necessarily in the right order.

NB: The group sent footage. The Citizen’s software can only cope with files under a certain size.

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