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Stock PPE is a family run company that is currently producing and supplying UK manufactured personal protective equipment to hospitals, health care facilities, schools and businesses across the country that has rapidly outgrown it’s current premises.

Since March the company has grown rapidly, seeing the recruitment of additional warehouse operatives, sales and marketing staff to support their expansion, at a time when many companies are struggling and many people have lost jobs due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The demand for their PPE products, particularly their 70% alcohol hand sanitiser, meant that their existing premises in Hykeham were too small to accommodate new business opportunities.  The company has just purchased a warehouse in Caistor, West Lindsey Lincolnshire as the new home for Stock PPE.

The new warehouse is large enough to accommodate the current business and continue their expansion.  Group Chief Exec. Liam Chapman, said:

“Stock PPE has been able to step up at a time when so many people need protective equipment to keep them safe and we are excited about the future. Our reputation, both nationally and internationally is growing and we are confident that in the next three years we will need to find an additional 50 members of staff, with more than half of those needed within the next 12 months.

“We are also pleased to have been able to help in the fight against the spread of Covid-19 locally. We have donated more than £8000 worth of much needed hand sanitiser and other protective equipment to charities and organisations helping the most vulnerable across the East Midlands.”

The company has also invested in another fully automated bottling machine. The machine is capable of bottling multiple bottles and cap types as well as handling free flowing and viscous liquids, which will support their further expansion into the co-pack bottling market. Automatic labeling capabilities will reduce production time, raising the output to approximately 100,000 litres of hand sanitiser per day, that’s over 1.5 million litres of hand sanitiser produced every two weeks.  The company also has a highly skilled team in house that are responsible for supporting customers looking for a full white label product.

Their 70% alcohol hand sanitiser is EN Certified and they also produce and stock a wide range of cleaning supplies, made to order hand sanitising stations, disposable nitrile gloves and disposable face masks to the wholesale market.

(The words and image have been supplied in a media release from the company and we will be pleased to report more in the near future)

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