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Timothy Weston, pictured, is having a laugh at Caistor Town Hall on February 21, and is looking for talented local performers to join in.

CATS – Caistor Amateur Theatrical Society – is hoping to organise an evening of entertainment featuring a series of short acts and sketches – with “couples” as its theme.


So if you and a pal ever fancied being Fred and Ginger, Bonnie and Clyde, Tom and Jerry, Ant and Dec, The Two Ronnies or Morecombe and Wise for a night, why not join in? Acts can be musical, dancing, or comedy. Entry is not restricted to couples so if you want to do an individual act, or join in as a group, you would be welcome.

No formal rehearsals will be held before the night, and people should provide their own props.

If you want to join in contact or you can leave a message on the Caistor Amateur Theatre Society’s Facebook site.


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