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Report and Images by Shona and Stewart Wall

About 50 people, nearly half of them children, met at Caistor Primary School this morning (Saturday, 16 February 2019), to discuss how Caistor can become more environmentally-friendly. This was their third meeting, with the next one planned for 23rd March 2019.

Henry, acting as Master of Ceremonies starts the meeting

A young student, introduced as Henry, acted as Master of Ceremonies for the meeting, whose guests included Martin Kemp, representing Caistor Lions, Mark Strawson and Tony Maund from Market Rasen Rotary, Sharon and Chris Robey, from Caistor print firm Systematic, and Mandy Talbott, who presented a short talk about plastics recycling. One of the drivers behind the group was local schoolteacher Nick McCann, who has been guiding some project work by children at the primary school.

Who participated in the alphabet challenge?

Henry explained that some children at the school have been carrying out an Alphabet Eating Challenge, which involved trying to eat as many fruits beginning with different letters of the alphabet.

“This is about eating a little more healthily,” explained Mr McCann.

Chris Robey of Systematic explains that 95% of the paper his firm uses is from forests that replant the trees and that many businesses are enviromentally friendly.

Children from the school had recently visited Systematic to hear how the firm uses energy and paper from more sustainable resources, and the children designed posters with a view to creating a logo for the group. Designers from Systematic combined elements from the most popular posters to help design a logo and name for the group, which was GO2 Caistor.

Sharon Robey of Systematic explained how many of the children had made drawings of potential logos that the firm’s designer used as inspiration for the final design.

“It’s important not only to do things but to let other people know we are doing things and the logo will help us with that,” said Mr McCann.

The group is hoping to hold a World Environmental Day event at the school on 5 June, and is hoping to contribute towards WWF’s Earth Hour in some way at the end of March. The group is also hoping to improve the primary school garden

Mandy Talbott gave an excellent presentation on the danger the World faces from plastic.

In her talk, Ms Talbott explained how plastics are graded into seven different categories and how they can be recycled. She later invited the children to the school hall to join in an exercise in separating plastics into their different categories.

3 thoughts on “GO2 Caistor group looks at reducing carbon footprint

  1. fantastic to see young people getting active and wanting to do something to help tackle the most pressing issue of our time. The adults in positions of power should take note, their inaction is shameful.

  2. Delighted to see this happening.
    Children have intrinsically good instincts and given truthful information they know what is right.
    For their sakes, let’s persuade Caistor Council to declare a Climate Emergency as other councils around the country are doing.

  3. The Group took the opportunity to raise the cause at the Caistor’s Annual Town (Parish) Meeting on Tuesday evening and their message was warmly received. The new Town Council will consider allocating a link Councillor to the Group and joining the initiative at their AGM next Thursday 9th May.

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