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Michael Galligan of Caistor in Bloom took delivery today (July 4th 2018) of a ‘made for the job’ new bit of kit that will make the watering of the blooms even more efficient.

The professionally built bowser has been donated anonymously by a local businessman who simply wants to help the community.

6 thoughts on “Bowsers… there will be no holding him back now

  1. Always out watering or cutting grass at ridiculous times of the day brilliant work by a very dedicated man

  2. Oh wow, this is excellent news! The town looks so brilliant it cheers us all up. Anything that supports Michael and In Bloom to speed the process is wonderful. So kind of this person.

  3. Excellent piece of kit.just what this years flowers needed.

    The flowers this year are excellent, in particular the begonias which should give an extra month of colour compared to last year. Also the ones above the Settlement, Boots and Post office for the first time. Michael needs volunteers though who could spare a few hours to join a rota for watering, especially during this hot weather. If you’re willing then just stop and have a word with him.

    Just to inform anyone who isn’t sure, Caistor in Bloom is a volunteer group and that includes Michael. No one gets paid and it’s not council run. It relies on funding from local business’s and council, plus donations and a lot of selling of raffle tickets, usually by Michael.

    Thank you to the local business man who donated this. A fantastic gesture.

    • And not to forget Caistor Lions who really help out on a yearly basis and especially this year.

  4. A great asset many thanks to the person who allowed the in bloom team to take possession of this machinery and as has been said the work the team do is very much appreciated

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