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I caught up with Cliff Rust and Michael Galligan at about 3pm yesterday (June 19th) as once again, along with their team of volunteers they sped around Caistor putting out the hanging plants for another year As they gave the flowers their first watering the duo looked as though they had been working hard all day, with their clothes drenched in tell-tale signs.

It was good to see the new in-bloom truck in use and I am sure it is going to make the arduous job of keeping the blooms fresh with a regular watering of natural stream water a little easier on their backs, especially as there have been rumours of a hot and dry summer to come.

1 thought on “Caistor blooming again

  1. They both work lots of free hours doing the displays that make Caistor look amazing in the summer & Clifs handy work of adding 2made seats to the boxes outside the old bank are a welcome meeting place Well Done

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