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by Stewart Wall.

Community Participation, Gardening Achievement and Environmental Responsibility are the ways by which the Royal Horticultural Society judges its In Bloom competitions and Caistor’s Community Participation has been on form recently.

Photographer Stewart Wall today (Monday, 5 February, 2018) met the town’s In Bloom stalwart Mike Galligan and local craftsman Ian Salsbury, who lives in the area and is a member of the Caistor Lions.

Mr Salsbury also runs the Grimsby-based firm Salsbury Design. While he is normally involved in designing and making bespoke furniture and equestrian equipment, he was today involved in the restoration of the farming cart that stands at the gateway to Caistor by the Rock Foundation.

The cart was donated by the Lingard and Vickers family. Carolyn Vickers-Lingard is the owner of Stone Farm Carriages and the cart is now seen by the many thousands of drivers who drive along Caistor’s A46 by-pass and is used as a planter each season.

It is thought the wagon was originally built in Norfolk over 100 years ago. During the past few weeks Ian and other locals such as Cliff Rust have been giving their time to ensure the cart lasts for many more years to come.

Even the local fire officers got involved by using their skill and muscles to lift the cart so that the wheels could be checked over and repaired where needed.

The maintenance will continue throughout the Spring as more Caistor and District Lion group members and other volunteers give their time to clean it up and repaint it ready for the new season. Hopefully it can continue to be one of the iconic attractions by one of Caistor’s pivotal entrances.



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