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by Stewart Wall.

Caistor in Bloom members say they are furious at an order by Lincolnshire County Council Highways Department to remove their planters from around Caistor Market Place.

The order was apparently made to address the slippery surfaces in the centre of Caistor – dubbed as “an ice skating rink without the fun” – after a resident fell in October and required hospital treatment.

Algae on the distinctive paving slabs, and steep inclines in parts of Caistor Town Centre, are said to be aggravating factors leading to the slippery surfaces.

Leading Caistor in Bloom member Michael Galligan, who is also a Caistor Town Councillor, said he only heard of the demand to remove the planters earlier this week and said it was claimed “there might be some connection between the planters and the algae problem.”

Describing the association between the algae and the planters as “perverse and illogical”, Mr Galligan met Citizen photographer Stewart Wall earlier today (Friday, December 22, 2017) to point out a couple of areas where there are no planters, but where problems with algae are evident.

The Caistor in Bloom flower planters are used each year as part of the Royal Horticultural Society’s long established drive to improve the appearance of towns throughout the UK.

The RHS describe the “In Bloom” concept on their website as involving “more than 3,000 cities, towns, villages and urban groups who take part each year to show off their achievements in environmental responsibility, community participation and, of course, horticultural achievement. The campaign runs all-year round and participating groups report a wide range of benefits such as cleaner, greener and safer surroundings, a growing sense of community pride, and increased commercial enterprise and tourism.”

Mr Galligan said that as a town councillor, he had made repeated requests for the county council jet wash team to clean the pathways of the town. While it has been agreed that the jet washing will take place, it is not known when that would be, said Mr Galligan.

The Caistor Citizen only had to walk a few hundred yards with Mr Galligan this morning to see that the slippery pavement surfaces have become a major issue for the town.

Lincolnshire County Council was contacted today for a comment, but an officer has advised that a response will be made after the Christmas break.

13 thoughts on “‘Rip out your planters’, Caistor in Bloom told

  1. It is unbelievable that the head of LCC highways can come out with a statement like he has and the demand that he has made. He’s supposed to be an intelligent man. Every school child knows that algae grows in shaded damp conditions. The tall geograpical position of the buildings are causing it by not letting the low winter sun reach the pavings.This is in conjunction with the smooth yorkstone paving. NOT the planters.
    Instead of acknowledging that there is a real problem and doing something to prevent further accidents he would sooner consentrate on apportioning blame away from them not having a system of maintainance in place even though being fully aware of the danger.
    Some remote servant should not be allowed to single Caistor out from thousands of other towns and villages and dictate that we can’t have flowers within our town. Caistor in Bloom do a fantastic job in making the area we live look fantastic.

    • Absolutely agree with you. The council should relay these comments to the Head of Highways as he obviously hadn’t a clue what he is talking about. The arrogance is breathtaking.

  2. Absolutely rubbish the problem is the actual slabs that are down.The mkt place& surrounding streets are terrible & lots in the area where there are no planters so come on own up it’s the actual paving

  3. What idiot at Highways decided that? The problem is definitely the cheap slabs that were installed against public opinion. Highways have a cheek to blame anyone except themselves. Passing the buck is their usual response.

  4. I slipped behind the bus shelter in October and needed a ambulance, although there was green algae in that area it was not on the part I slipped on it was just wet and greasy, nothing to do with the planters, they are trying to blame anybody but themselves. I was informed by LCC they where taking over the jet washing but I haven’t seen any sign of cleaning as yet!.I still say it’s the slabs at fault and nothing else.

  5. Quick idea….. Bleech and water applied with a stiff Bass Broom will eradicate algae better and more effectively than jet washing, also the bleech will arrest the regrowth of algae for some time, This will be totaly none slip and cost far less than jet washing! job done

  6. I have to mention that I see some connection with Lincolnshire CC and North East Lincolnshire CC in relationship to pavements and what they put down. Remember the ill fated blocks put down in Bethlehem Street, Grimsby? Who are they employing in their highways and byways department to give technical,engineering and environental advice?

  7. From the time the york stone was laid in Market Place & surrounds, people were slipping & falling over. This was long before the planters that make Caistor so attractive & pleasant (thank you Caistor in bloom & your volunteers). Is lincolnshire jealous of the beauty of our town? The individual who ‘suggests’ all the planters are removed needs to look at the history of falls, well before their advent. I avoid the centre when it is wet – once fallen, twice shy. Come on Lincolnshire highways 0- you laid the stuf, how about replacing it with a safer surface & let us keep our planters!!!

  8. These slabs have been a problem since first laid I’ve nearly gone a few times for to them and the time I did slip put my back put for weeks. Leave the planters rip out the bloody slabs.

  9. The dictate given by LCC on a whim to remove the flower planters from Caistor Market Place and the surrounds “beggar belief” and smacks of “vindictiveness” against the people of Caistor.
    For reasons of “expediency” Caistor in Bloom are now blamed for the wrongdoings, mistakes and faults of others who laid down these slabs against expert advice and public opinion nearly 10 years ago.

    Over the past number of years Caistor has been transformed into an “oasis of glorious colour” due to the commitment and dedication of volunteers who work tirelessly on behalf of the town for the benefit of residents and visitors alike.

    Surely common sense must prevail and that this dictate be rescinded by LCC with immediate effect.

  10. We have many friends living in Hampshire, Somerset and Cornwall who regularly visit the Lincolnshire Wolds during the year. They love visiting Caistor. It is their favourite place of call when in Lincolnshire. There are so many interesting walks in the area which they love exploring. The beautiful flowers in summertime around the market square are magnificent and a great joy to behold. They are certainly an added attraction for all to see. Our friends always comment on how clean and well kept the town looks each time they visit. We also had friends arrive from Canada and the U.S this year who were amazed by the peace, tranquillity and loveliness of the town. They enjoyed themselves so much that they are planning another visit next year.

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