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The winners of Caistor In Bloom’s Garden 2017 competition were announced earlier today (Monday, July 24, 2017).

Most of the judging took place last Monday evening, though some gardens were seen the following morning due to a swell of last-minute entries.

The Caistor Citizen stepped in to help with the judging as the original judges were indisposed.

A publication celebrating this year’s competition, and carrying full-colour photographs, was designed by Caistor photographer Stewart Wall. It was expected to be distributed to the entrants today.

An accompanying text, headlined Judges’ Comments, reads: – “We would like to thank all those who entered their lovely gardens in the competition, as each one had its own unique charm. It was a delightful way to spend an evening.

‘Of the gardens, L&R King seemed to attract the most bees, while D King attracted the largest variety of butterflies. T&J Holmes had a collection of different rose species, K&L King was spectacularly colourful, while K&G Middleton stood out in for inventiveness and showing consideration for a neighbour’s mobility scooter.

‘It was interesting to observe the physical geographical challenges many gardeners had overcome. It was also appreciated that many entrants had put in so much time and dedication in making their gardens beautiful.

‘While most gardens had a secluded area, it was interesting to see how many entrants had added to their local streetscapes or otherwise demonstrated a desire that others could enjoy their gardens.

‘Caistor in Bloom had asked the judges to take into account the overall impression, design, construction, and planting to reach a total score, but in fact it was impossible to choose an outright winner using this criteria. The judges therefore also considered whether each garden was outstanding in terms of visual effect, inventiveness, the degree of challenge, attracting wildlife, rare features, planning and impact on the street scene. Where the entry had more than one characteristic in a category, each outstanding characteristic counted.

This methodology also failed to produce an outright winner, but it did help to identify the top three. The sheer amount of time that must have been spent, and overall degree of challenge, was taken into account to identify a first, second and third placing.

Stewart, Shona and Jessica x

A publication has been designed to document this years Open Gardens and can be seen by clicking this link

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