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Report by Stewart Wall

YOU meet some very interesting people at exhibitions and at The Stonemason – currently being held at Caistor’s Arts and Heritage Centre – I met many.

One person was Head of Art at Caistor Grammar School, Ailsa Wish. We got talking and she invited me to pop in and have a chat about possibly arranging to do a talk for one of her classes. She wanted them to learn more about documentary photography.

We had planned to talk for about five minutes during the morning coffee break but I ended up going back to the class and talking to them for about 90 minutes. We put images of the exhibition up on the screen and went through them explaining the story and how one project leads to another.


We spoke about photographer Ansel Adams and the Zone System. We also discussed another well-known photographer, Daniel Meadows. We went to Daniel’s website (click here for website) to look at examples of how he set out to document life in the 1970s for future generations.


We also spoke about one of their current projects which is to take a self portrait with a camera and then paint/draw a picture from it. They provided a good answer to a question I have been asking myself for quite a while: what is the difference between a self portrait and a selfie? A self portrait is just of yourself and a selfie is often of more than one person.

I wasn’t expecting to do the talk so I hope it gelled together for them all. For me, it was an interesting morning.

The Stonemason Exhibition is currently being shown at The Caistor Arts and Heritage Centre until January 31, 2015.

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