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Cemetery fees in Caistor are to rise by 2%, town councillors have agreed.

The price rise was agreed at Caistor Town Council’s last monthly meeting on Thursday, March 10, 2016.

Councillors also agreed to increase the market rents from £5.50 a pitch to £5.75.

Other council news:
Wind turbine: The Secretary of State has refused planning permission for a wind turbine on land off Moor Lane, Cllr Alan Caine, the chairman of Caistor’s Planning Committee, has confirmed.
30 South Street: A planning application has been submitted for a change of use at 30 South Street so that it can be turned back into a shop. Cllr Caine welcomed the news. “We have seen so many going the other way,” he said.
Tree work: Work will be carried out to reduce the height of a number of trees at Westbrook Grove due to safety concerns. Work is also expected to be carried out on a number of trees at South Street Park.
Annual Town Meeting: The annual meeting is due to be held on Wednesday, April 27.
Caistor In Bloom: The Spring Garden judging will be on Monday, April 11, with the main garden judging on July 18. Residents of Glebe House have been volunteering to help with the In Bloom efforts, as well as the Army Cadets. “It’s really nice to see them making a difference to the town,” said Caistor In Bloom Chairman and town councillor Deborah Barker.
Health Centre response: Caistor Health Centre has responded over a request to stop making ‘caller anonymous’ telephone calls when returning patients’ calls. The centre can amend its computer when people request it, but some patients prefer that the number remains unseen because of patient confidentiality.
All About You/Caistor Independent Cinema: About 15 or 16 people attended a meeting about a proposal to set up an independent cinema and a further meeting will be held, with everyone agreeing to act on a steering group, said Cllr Mike Stopper.
Queen’s Birthday: Caistor Goes is planning to light a beacon for the Queen’s 90th birthday on April 21 at 8.15pm on a site between the former Montessori School and Riby Road. Parking will be permitted for visitors at Caistor Yarborough Academy, but the gates will close at 10pm. Caistor Mayor Carol Mackenzie is expected to light the beacon.
Open Churches Festival: The Town Council has received a request to display the Mayoral regalia at the Church of St Peter and St Paul during the Open Churches Festival on May 7 and 8. Although the council seemed inclined to agree to the request, subject to the items being displayed in a supplied lockable glass case that could be screwed to a wall or bench, some details might still have to be worked out. The Mayor said she was expected to attend a civic function on the evening of May 7.
Boundary planting near skatepark: The town council will research the possibility of planting bushes between the new facilities at the sports ground off North Kelsey Road and the rear gardens of Hansard Crescent. A report is expected to be made to the council at a later date.

The photograph shows Caistor Cemetery earlier today.

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