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A dispute between the Citizen and Caistor Town Council has been referred to the Monitoring Officer at West Lindsey District Council.

Details of the dispute were forwarded after the town council issued a press release disputing it was bound by the 1985 Local Government (Access to Information) Act.

While an article about the dispute did not mention the Act, a screengrab of some wording from it was used as an illustration.

The town council’s press release did not refer to two issues raised by the Citizen, which were whether the public should have access to documents being discussed in open council meetings, and whether challenges about procedure were prohibited by the council’s standing orders.

The Citizen referred the dispute to the Monitoring Officer to ensure future clarity in council meetings. The letter was sent on January 21.

1 thought on “Legal row referred to Monitoring Officer

  1. Oh dear! Is the council starting a vendetta against the Citizen? It appears that they don’t like to be challenged. You keep reporting Shona, I am sure that many people in Caistor appreciate you always give both sides of the ‘story’!

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