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Caistor’s skatepark is open and available to use at last.

Early responses from Caistor’s young community have so far been positive, Mayor Carol Mackenzie said on Thursday (December 10, 2015).

Both the Mayor and district councillor Owen Bierley confirmed they have seen children playing on the new facilities at the Sports Ground off North Kelsey Road.

Mayor Mackenzie’s reaction at the town’s council meeting on Thursday was “a big hallelujah!”

“The kids I have spoken to are enjoying it,” she said.

There has been intermittent campaigning for a skatepark in Caistor for more than two decades.

It became a reality after Caistor Town Council applied for £35,000 funding from Wren, a not for profit organisation that seeks to improve the lives of people who live near to landfill sites.

The rest of the funding for the £65,000 scheme, which also includes a multi-use games area and outdoor gym equipment, came from Caistor Town Council.

Some finishing off work still needs to be done at the site.

The new facilities at the Sports Ground off North Kelsey Road

There will now be a push to install CCTV near the equipment, after the council heard that a fire had been started there.

“A fire was started at the equipment, on metal, not the ramp,” said Town Clerk Helen Pitman.

She has reported the incident to the police and a senior youth worker. She also said photographs were taken.

“The anti-social behaviour on the new skatepark is very worrying,” she said.

Cllr Alan Caine reminded the meeting that the council offers a £100 reward for people coming forward with information leading to the arrest and conviction of offenders.

“We have also taken civil action for damages,” he added. “We have had some very good successes through the £100 reward system. It has paid off in the long run.”

“Having spent all this money on all this equipment, we can’t afford to let it get damaged,” added Mayor Mackenzie.

The Citizen did not see where the fire had been when taking photographs on Friday morning.



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