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A request by Caistor In Bloom for £2,000 to assist with the cost of various matters, such as watering flowers, has been deferred by the town council.

Cllr Michael Galligan, who is a leading member of the town’s In Bloom group, told Caistor Town Council the money would help with succession planning.

Some councillors at last Thursday’s meeting (November 13, 2015) expressed concern about the implications of the group taking on a contractual obligation.

“I have problems with this,” said Cllr Alan Caine. “I know Cllr Galligan has done a fantastic job, just doing the watering, but what we are looking at here is taking on another employee. I know it will be from the Caistor In Bloom budget, but it will be a town council budget supporting what is effectively a voluntary organisation.”

Cllr Galligan defended the proposed spending as a good investment. “We help to bring people into the town,” he said.

Mayor Carol Mackenzie suggested deferring the proposal to give councillors more time to discuss it.

Also at last Thursday’s meeting:-

Old Fire Station: Caistor In Bloom, which has a regular slot on the town council’s agenda, again asked what progress was being made on the Old Fire Station in Horsemarket.

The In Bloom group was asked to take down hanging baskets from the front of the historic building last year as work was needed to stop movement.

The town council was told last month that an official from West Lindsey District Council was drawing up a schedule of works. The work was specialised, said Ms Pitman.

Town Clerk Helen Pitman said she had expected an officer to attend last Thursday’s meeting. Unfortunately the officer was not present. The officer was expected to get some quotes together for the work to be done, she said.

Ms Pitman has repeatedly acknowledged the need to get the work done before the worst of the winter weather arrives.

Play bridge: A play bridge in South Street Park will be removed and a new one is expected to be erected in the New Year. Previous meetings have been told the play bridge, which is made of wood, was rotten in places.
Bank fee: The NatWest Bank has made a payment of just over £1000 to Caistor Town Council for the use of the Town Hall Car Park. The mobile bank van visits the car park twice a week.
Newsletter cost: The Town Council has deferred a request by the Viking Explorers for a donation in return for delivering a recent Caistor Town Council newsletter.
Caistor Goes: The theme of next year’s summer Street Party has been changed to Caistor Goes To The Movies.
Neighbourhood Plan: A provisional date of January 28, 2016, has been set for a referendum on the town’s Neighbourhood Plan.
Snow warden: Town Clerk Helen Pitman was nominated as a Snow Warden who will help co-ordinate local preparations for bad weather, Councillors heard it was considered easier if all the grit intended for several locations is stored at one place, and for the gritters to take a circular route, setting out from Caistor.

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