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An extra 563 homes will be built in Caistor before 2036, according to a new planning document.

Some implications of the new document were outlined to town councillors last night (Thursday, September 10, 2015).

Under discussion was the “Strategic Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment” – also known as SHELAA – which is being considered as part of the Central Lincolnshire Local Plan.

Town Clerk Helen Pitman said the number of new homes would be fewer than half the figure that was envisaged in the “Core Strategy”.

But it was “at variance with the Neighbourhood Plan, which pre-determined that the town’s new housing would be situated less than 500m from the Market Place,” she said.

The document lists sites where land might be allocated for 25 houses or more, she added.

“Are these related to the 72 houses (off Brigg Road) that we keep hearing about?” asked Cllr Michael Galligan.

“Yes, access would be through the area you have just described,” replied Ms Pitman.

It is envisaged 12,000 jobs will also be created in Central Lincolnshire – comprising West Lindsey, North Kesteven and the City of Lincoln. Lincoln and Gainsborough are virtually at capacity, so further growth is needed elsewhere, she added.

From material available online, it looks as if the plans will have implications for many other sites in Caistor besides the proposed development off Brigg Road.

On the map at the top of this article, the areas shaded with diagonal red lines are sites earmarked for more than 25 dwellings, or employment sites that are more than 0.5 hectares. Other maps are copied below.


Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 07.09.42

“At this stage, we are not committed to any sites identified in this document,” said a statement at the front of the online material. “The inclusion of a site in this document does not represent any decision by the Central Lincolnshire authorities and does not provide the site with any kind of planning status.”

The timetable is for consultation to begin on preferred sites in the Autumn of 2015, a final Local Plan consultation in January 2016, followed by an examination between next April and September, and adoption in November 2016, according to the online material.

For more information, go to

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5 thoughts on “Maps show potential sites for new housing in Caistor

  1. im sorry but its alright putting new houses in Caistor but the schools are full ,the docs is a joke,theres no dentist the buses are every hour if your lucky.theres no where to park,theres no why would people want to live here.and if they do where would they work.
    we get a bit of snow in winter . you have to pay to have your roads cleared or your blocked in.and if its icy only the main road is gritted and your still blocked in.
    if they keep building on all the fields then the reason i moved here has gone i might as well live in town.

  2. So the Neighbourhood Plan was a gigantic waste of money then? In it the land adjoining the Waterhills was described as ‘to be resisted for building purposes’.ndo ehat does the new plan say, oh yes, build, not just 72 but a further 25 and probably more! The access to these properties is to be down on Brigg Road by the sharp bend! Strange that when Keyworth Close was built access on to Brigg Road was refused as being too dangerous! How many houses in Keyworth, just a few and now they think that 100 is Ok! How many cars will that be turning on to this dangerous spot – 200? What is going on? It makes me very, very suspicious indeed! The drainage on this site is horrendous as anyone with half a brain cell knows! I am very unhappy with this ‘u turn’.

  3. Well said previous two comments. It is absolutely disgraceful that the type and number and location of these housing sites has even been considered and reached this stage. The whole scenario of Caistor’s development smacks of hidden agendas and a total blinkered vision of how and where to solve this so called housing problem. Sort Caistor’s problems first off. Rubbish facilities as mentioned in Kate’s comment. Any more housing ” estates ” will destroy all of what is left of Caistor’s charm and character. Shame on this national housing policy.

  4. Unfortunately this is a problem right across the country, we are in a housing crisis and need to be building 250,000 new homes PER YEAR to keep up with demand/pop growth. For once, this has been done fairly, with each local council been allocated a target based on population and land, councils have then divided this up under the same process. For example Market Rasen has an allocation of about three times that of caistor (three times the size).
    There is no conspiracy.

    As for things like access issues, drainage or any other ‘issue’ with any site, there are dedicated teams of highways engineers, highways officers and FRA/Enviroment agency officials that follow both national and local standards, if it doesn’t work it simply doesn’t happen because it is then in breach of planning policy.

    Things like doctors and schools along with local business can only better and better the higher the level of population gets. Things like section 106’s help pay for this, in some cases you can be looking at 10k per unit of local contribution plus roads/paving and small parks are undertaken by contractor too. So, if you want to turn that frown upside down and actually look at the positives Caistors housing allocation COULD raise £5.85mil in 106 contributions plus additional revenue from council tax, on average 1k per year per unit meaning £585k per year things start to look up.

    People that object to this kind of progression are usually the very same people complaining about house prices, their kids only been able to rent and local business closing. It’s all linked.

  5. I find it most frustrating when people like “Kipper” voice opinions and do not state their name- what are they frightened of ?I would also like to point out the main inaccuracy of his/her post regarding allocations for Caistor and Market Rasen- the allocation for Caistor is 563 and Market Rasen 585 according to the latest documents – please advise where you get your facts from and tell us who you are.

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