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A whip-round was held earlier in the year to stop a piece of Caistor’s Heritage being sold to a dealer in America.

The Caistor Heritage Trust put out a plea for donations earlier in the year, so that it could buy a tradesman’s sign. The money was collected in only a few days.

The historic sign was attached to a wagon used at the Top House Farm by the Shearsmith family. It is currently on display in the window of the former Wracks store at No 30 South Street.

It is hoped the sign will be displayed in the window for a week. After that it will be moved inside to protect it from direct sunlight.

“Many thanks to those who helped purchase it and to John Burns-Salmond for arranging to collect it,” said Alan Dennis, from the Caistor Heritage Trust. “It will now belong to Caistor and will not find its way to a dealer in the USA.”

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