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What a lot of lovely smiles at the Caistor Lions Victorian Craft Market



The annual Caistor and District Lions Club Caistor Victorian Craft Market was back in full swing this year at the Town Hall. Lion Bob stopped to pose for Michael Galligan’s camera phone, as Bob and his crew sizzled the sausages and bacon for the rolls, or you could have a lovely scone with cream and jam. The children from the local schools sang songs from the stage, as Lion Rick collected the money for your rolls and deposited it into a lovely till, handmade by Lion Ian down on the Fish Dock in one his Dad’s old cafes.

Meanwhile the Caistor Community flocked around the craft stores and took their chance on the tombola. Leaflets were handed out to anyone wanting to help in March. What we do need to know is, who is Santa’s favourite dude? If you know drop us a comment….

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