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tower walk
Glorious sunshine set the mood for a group tour of Pelham’s Pillar on Lord Yarborough’s estate on Sunday (March 22, 2015).

The monument and grounds are normally closed to the public, but a lucky few had exclusive access by booking the tour through Caistor’s Arts and Heritage Centre.

The group heard the 128ft high pillar was built to mark the planting of 12.5 million trees. The pillar used as a meeting point for Lord Yarborough’s family and guests during pleasure rides through woodlands designed by Capability Brown.

From the viewing tower at the top, the pillar gave guests views to the south, east, north and west. On Sunday, the guests could make out the Humber Bridge Crossing and Lincoln Cathedral.

Construction on Pelham’s Pillar began in 1840 and was not complete until 1849. Portland Stone was shipped to the Humber, and farmers and their workers helped to transport the stone to the site.

Sunday’s party followed a six mile circular walk through the tranquil grounds, with the only sounds being their quiet conversation and a woodpecker. The group paused halfway through for a picnic.

The top picture shows Jessica Wall with the key to the pillar, with the next being the narrow stairwell at the very top of the tower.



tower walk



tower walktower walk

tower walk










2 thoughts on “Tour of pillar and parkland

  1. Really interesting to read about your walk, it sounds so lovely and quiet, is there a public footpath anywhere near that same area or is it totally private? Thank you.

  2. Think its private Vanda. I agree its a lovely article should be seen by more people. Thank you Shona and Jessica of course

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