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A lot of happy runners, volunteers and spectators cheered the return of the famous 10km Caistor Sting on Sunday August 22nd, after it was cancelled last year due to the Pandemic Lock-downs. This a race that meanders up and down and around the town, the ‘sting’ is what some fondly refer to as the feeling as runners head up Tower Hill. And then when they think the end is sight, the last stretch is ‘UP’ Plough Hill.

Winner of the ladies race was Caistor’s own Hannah Smith, who is pictured above with Mike Wells, who ran with her during the Sting, and to use Hannah’s words “kept her going”.

Hannah was up with the front runners at the start, but winner of the men’s race Will Strangeway, was out on his own from the beginning, and retained a gap between himself end everyone else for the rest of the race.

The Caistor flowers bloomed and made a great backdrop for the race

The ladies who walked the course at the end to make sure nobody was left behind

Did you enter or watch this year's Caistor Sting? It would be great if you left a comment below, to tell us what you thought of it. Did you enjoy it?

5 thoughts on “The Sting is back in Caistor

  1. Excellent race as usual. A bit tougher this year but I still enjoyed the challange. Good support from the locals which is much appreciated. The only downside is bottles of water at water stations ,most of which appears to be wasted. Maybe offer paper cups of water instead?

  2. Congratulations Hannah & Will.
    Lovely to see you out taking photos again Stu. Thanks for being there.

  3. Great set of photos Stewart, thank you. They capture the day well, Caistor looks amazing filled with runners and flowers!

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