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Caught in the act today were some lovely ladies from the Caistor WI, who were on the weekly tour of the town to keep the Caistor in Bloom flowers looking their best, and they look really great.

According to the RHS website ‘deadheading ‘is done to keep plants looking attractive and encourage more blooms, whether in beds and border, containers or hanging baskets’ click here to read more

Meanwhile Mike Galligan with his mobile watering system was on tour as well

1 thought on “Deadheading with the Caistor W.I.

  1. That’s fantastic. There’s an awful lot of flowers that need it. Feel free whenever you can. It’s the only way to help keep the blooms looking great and lasting into the winter months. We can only water several times a week and carry out a weekly feed of MiracleGrow so Caistor in Bloom need all the help we can.
    People come into Caistor from all over the world because they’ve been advised to do so by others. That statement is not exaggerated. In fact a few weeks ago Michael was sent an article from a magazine in Australia about Caistors Blooms.
    This year has really seen the bar raised.
    Caistor in Bloom (Michael) have really gone to town. No one gets paid for their efforts, nor should they, but as you may have noticed, Caistor has not entered any
    ‘In Bloom’ competitions for a few years now as it takes more than the few unpaid volunteers we actually have to secure victory, so a decision was made instead to concentrate on just making the Town look fabulous for it’s residents and visitors alike instead of external accolades.
    So we’ll done ladies and if anyone would like to help please have a word with Michael Galligan when you see him out and about.👍

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