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Hello, everybody. I am a local photographer and on the ‘Volunteers For Caistor’ Facebook site, Steve Critten was looking for a photographer to do doorstep portraits during Lockdown.

I have offered to co-ordinate a project and produce a book to be given to the Caistor Arts and Heritage Centre. Several of my friends around the country have also done this and developed a great set of images that capture their locality at this time. The ones here are by my friend Richard Hall and they are of residents of Caythorpe near Grantham.

I think it would be great if a team of local residents photographed a few people in their street, standing on their doorsteps or looking out of their windows, this week to celebrate VE Day.

If you want to have a go and want to know more, let me know. You only need a camera or a phone with a camera.

It was 75 years ago, in 1945, at 2.41pm on May 7th, that Germany surrendered and at 3pm the following day, Prime Minister Winston Churchill broadcast from the War Cabinet Office to tell the nation that the war was over, sparking national celebrations.

Back then, many widows who had lost loved ones in the War did not join in. We recognise their loss, as we do for those who have lost someone to Coronavirus in 2020.

This week, on Friday at 9pm, at the same time of the day that her father, King George VI addressed the nation via radio back then, our Queen will commemorate the 75th anniversary via a television broadcast. It would be great if we had 20–30 people to take images of residents on their doorsteps in Caistor, for an hour or so, sometime between 2.41pm this coming Thursday and Friday at 9pm. You would, of course, need to keep at a safe distance on the road or pavement and not take risks.

Or, you can choose to take a Lockdown portrait of your own family for the project and email that in.

• If we do this, we will need to let the community know what is happening, so they expect us.

• Images can be taken on phones or cameras

• No fees taken

• Photographers and those in the photographs need to be aware the images could be used in local media, in a book, on websites and in exhibitions.

If you are interested in taking part and taking a few images for this project, please email me on or respond to this on the Caistor Citizen or by posting on a Facebook group where this post is shared.

Keep safe everyone, and best regards, Stewart

2 thoughts on “A Portrait of Caistor on VE Day 2020 in Lockdown?

  1. I live on Roman’s Walk the old hospital site, I would be happy to take some photos of our estate doorstep picnic from VE day.

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