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Characters of Caistor

Who are they, what were they doing and where are they?

Caistor is a great community where normally so much goes on, but of course we have ground to a halt like the rest of the World.

During lock down we will be finding images in the archive and asking you to post in the comments to tell who is in the photograph, what the event is etc etc………..

Who knows, lets remember

3 thoughts on “Who, What, Where,When

  1. Ah! Don Morgan who has sadly passed away.
    I don’t know what or where he was in the photograh.

  2. I took the photograph in 2015 at St Peter and St Paul church in Caistor Sheila.

    Different Caistor volunteer organisations gathered there including of course Caistor in Bloom because the Regional judges of the RHS were there.

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