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Who are they, what were they doing and where are they?

Caistor is a great community where normally so much goes on, but of course we have ground to a halt like the rest of the World.

During lock down we will be finding images in the archive and asking you to post in the comments to tell who is in the photograph, what the event is etc etc………..

Who knows, lets remember

4 thoughts on “Who, What, Where,When

  1. The event was “Meet the Artist” at the Arts and Heritage Centre for Lincoln artist Kevin Wallhead’s exhibition “Take a Simple Line” in November 2014. The people in the photo are (left to right) Molly Wallhead, Mike Broster, Kevin Wallhead, Sheila Broster and Mike and Sheila’s two grandsons. Kevin Wallhead works exclusively in glass and his work is on permanent display at the Harding House Gallery on Steep Hill in Lincoln.

  2. Fabulous response Rick, thank you for taking the time to post, I wonder if others can remember going to the exhibition?

    I imagine you hung the exhibition, it looked great and I thought that was Mike and Sheila’s grandson but I could not be sure. I recall asking Sheila if my daughter Jessica could enter the Caistor Annual Art Show in the town hall and she said they had never had children enter before but they deiced it was ok and her grandson entered as well.

    Both Jessica and I put work in that year and Jessica outsold me, which I loved.

    I’ve found a link to Kevin’s website which is this

  3. This is a lovely photograh Stewart. Was it really 2014 when Kevin Wallhead exhibited in Caistor? How time flies! We always enjoy visiting Kevin’s exhibitions both in Lincoln and further afield.

    As for the Art & Craft Festival 2020 – all is on hold at the moment but at our next meeting a decision will have to be made on whether the event will go ahead this year. I’m sure there would be plenty of art and craft work to exhibit after the lockdown!

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