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Waterhills: Facebook comments sent to planners

Screen-grabs of comments written by Caistor residents on Facebook have been forwarded to planners amid concerns about how the Yes vote in the Neighbourhood Plan referendum might be perceived. The Caistor Citizen wrote to planners earlier this week regarding an outline application…
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Waterhills “too big for protected status”

A last-ditch attempt to save an area near Waterhills from development might fail as planners say the area is “too large” to qualify for a special status. Caistor Town Councillors were last night (Thursday, March 10, 2016) given a progress report…
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Council seeks views about land near Waterhills

A last-ditch attempt to protect land near Waterhills from development is likely to be mounted by Caistor Town Council – but it will need local residents to get involved. Councillors discussed the move soon after voting to ratify the Caistor…
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Referendum result “won’t stop 72 homes plan”

The controversial 72-home development off Brigg Road is likely to go ahead irrespective of how Caistor votes in this month’s referendum, it was claimed earlier today (Monday, January 18, 2016). Oliver Lawrence, who is a member of the Neighbourhood Plan’s…
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Land near Waterhills “suitable for development”

(REWRITTEN) A Neighbourhood Planning Officer from West Lindsey District Council has spelled out what this month’s referendum means for Waterhills. Luke Brown was asked why the Neighbourhood Plan had been changed dramatically after an examiner’s report. About 50% of it has been scrapped….
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Waterhills campaigner: “Vote No in referendum”

A campaigner who wants Waterhills to be turned into a country park is urging voters to reject the Caistor Neighbourhood Plan at a referendum later this month. Jonathan Holt, who lives in Nettleton but owns property in Caistor, has been campaigning…
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