In Bloom prepares for Spring Open Gardens


Caistor In Bloom is busy preparing a new Open Gardens day in the Spring.

The event will be in addition to the Open Gardens Weekend which will be held in June.

About ten gardens will be open on April 12 – a week after the Easter weekend – from noon-5pm in aid of the Red Cross.

Photographer Stewart Wall spent Saturday’s sunny morning capturing preparations for the event, starting with Michael Galligan, above, who had just got back from clearing rubbish from along the pathways along the A1084 from Caistor Montessori towards town.



He then met up with Ernie Brown who often pops over from Grimsby to do some work in Caistor.


Next call was to catch up with Sam and Rick Marriott who were busy clearing dead branches from the trees near the cemetery.


Finally he visited Kerry and Baz Burnett, who were busy planting the daffodil bulbs that CiB had supplied to help get their garden ready for the Open Gardens.

“We decided to hold another Open Gardens because the Red Cross suggested it,” said Mr Galligan. “Not only that, a lot of gardens are in their full glory in the Spring, so this will allow us to show a mix of spring flowers and summer flowers.”

There are no plans for a plant sale in South Street park at the Spring event, but it is hoped it will be held again at the Open Gardens Weekend on June 27 and 28, when more than 20 gardens are expected to open.

Report and photographs by Stewart Wall

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