Plans to extend Sports and Social Club put on display

Caistor Sports and Social Club on Sunday afternoon (January 14, 2018) hosted the second of three  consultation events aimed at boosting support for a clubhouse extension.

The plans were put on display in the members’ bar, with committee member Angela Clark on hand to answer visitors’ inquiries.

Ms Clark also revealed that a fund-raising campaign was launched at the club off Brigg Road on Saturday evening (Jan 13) with a Darts and Dominoes Night, which raised £141.

“It might be modest in terms of the overall budget, but we wanted to make a start,” said Ms Clark. “The sports and social club has never been about making money. It’s a non profit-making organisation.

“We are hoping there will be funding help available and are currently seeking advice about this, but we thought it also important to start raising funds to demonstrate our commitment.”

Other potential fund-raising ideas might include asking supporters to sponsor a brick to be used in building the extension, she added.

Initial estimates of the budget are at least £150,000.

Diagrams on display showed that the proposed extension, if everything went to plan, could be substantial, though Ms Clark was quick to say that the team was putting forward its ideal.

That ideal layout would be extended across the hardstanding that currently overlooks the cricket field and on the side of the building closest to the tennis court. It would mean moving the bar from its current position next to the emergency exit to the current outside wall nearest to the cricket field. The kitchen would be moved to where the bar is currently located to create a good sized double-door entrance.

The Citizen team has added shading to the above plans to try to highlight what it understands to be the proposed extension.

Extra income might be generated by turning the current members’ bar into a function room that can be let out and to create a new lounge bar for members that would overlook the sports fields, with capacity to also create a separate meeting room, explained Ms Clark.

“The present clubhouse was built in about 1985, so that’s obviously quite some time ago,” she said. “Some changing rooms and toilets were added maybe in 2008 or 2009, but that’s been pretty much it.

“We’ve found that the clubhouse has been a popular space for family functions, often attracting people from outside Caistor.

“Those who have recently needed to organise a funeral, for instance, say they appreciate the intimate atmosphere here.

“This is about building for the future so that everybody can benefit and encouraging a love of sport.”

Caistor’s Sports and Social Club is managed by a committee but is ultimately owned by Caistor Town Council.

Last year, the club attracted 584 members. Renewals of memberships take place every January, with the price unchanged for years, costing £20 per family or £10 each for seniors.

Visitors to Sunday’s consultation responded enthusiastically to the plans.

The first consultation was before Christmas, during the Christmas Tree lights switch-on in the Market Place.

The last consultation afternoon is due to be held at Caistor Sports and Social Club on January 28 from 2pm-4pm.

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