Town council extends its spending freeze

Caistor Town Council has agreed to freeze its annual expenditure for another financial year, it was announced last Thursday (November 9, 2017).

For the third year in a row, the council’s precept has been set at £88,740.

This means the town council’s portion of next year’s Council Tax bills will rise by 0%, Cllr Steve Millson confirmed at the town council’s November meeting.

This is despite the council voting to allocate £5,000 towards Caistor In Bloom.

Cllr Millson told last Thursday’s council meeting that the spending freeze was made possible by some staffing changes and funding support from West Lindsey District Council.

The £5,000 funding for Caistor in Bloom is expected to cover the costs of purchasing flowers and some container replacements, the town council heard.

During the public forum, Caistor in Bloom helper Cliff Rust praised the community group for its work in making the town look more attractive. He explained that Caistor in Bloom would like to buy different flowers next year that should retain their blooms for longer.

One change regarding Caistor in Bloom’s funding is that the town council will be invoiced directly for the flowers, said Cllr Michael Galligan, a leading member of Caistor in Bloom. Both he and Mayor Alan Somerscales abstained from the vote regarding the £5,000 award because of their In Bloom membership. Cllr Martin Sizer, who is also a member of Caistor in Bloom, was not present at last Thursday’s meeting.

The invoicing change was praised by Cllr Deborah Barker, who said it would deliver a significant saving on VAT.

A £250 donation to the Cricket Club to help reduce damage by insects was also approved. The Cricket Club was praised for its work in keeping the grounds in beautiful condition.

From the long-standing All About You budget, awarded to Caistor Town Council some years ago to boost initiatives for young people, councillors agreed to award the town’s Army Cadets £750 to facilitate their visit to Belgium to lay a wreath on the war grave of a serviceman from Caistor.

The name of the serviceman was potentially one of several and would be chosen after the cadets arrived in Belgium, the council heard.

In other news: the town council agreed to continue to lobby West Lindsey District Council for CCTV in the centre of Caistor after West Lindsey put its support for the project on hold. Officers said they wanted to see stronger support for CCTV from the local community before continuing.

– An amended planning application for 70 new homes off Brigg Road was also briefly discussed. Town Clerk Helen Pitman said that the amended plans had only been made public on the day of the meeting and advised councillors to be prompt in forwarding any additional comments as there are only 14 days to comment on amended plans. The number of the application was cited as 136604 on West Lindsey District Council’s planning applications database.

– Building work is expected to start soon on repairs to the Old Fire Station in Horsemarket and on work to create an office in Caistor Town Hall for the Town Clerk. Town Clerk Helen Pitman said builders have been asked to proceed with work on the Old Fire Station as soon as they have received a structural engineer’s report, while work in the Town Hall is expected to start mid-December and be completed within one week.

– A meeting was due to take place with County Highways officers after a resident recently fell on slippery paving in the centre of Caistor. Ms Pitman said officials had asked the town council to specify which areas were most slippery, but added, “It’s the same all over, but the gradient makes it more dangerous.”

– It was noted that there has been a sudden increase in the number of burglaries reported in recent weeks. Householders are advised to keep outbuildings locked and stay vigilant.

The photograph shows a wildflower area planted by Caistor in Bloom in recent years close to the health centre in Southdale.



  1. Michael Stockwood

    So the Town Council vote in May to approve the installation of five CCTV cameras two in Caistor Market Square, then decide without a further vote to have an extraordinary meeting in Aug to discuss a News Letter as per the agenda, but in reality only a CCTV survey was discussed and voted on.

    As we all know the survey was a complete shambles with many many people not receiving papers enabling them to take part and a substantial number of people were left and are still left with uncollected papers, I think WLDC have made a very wise decision

  2. Mike Oxlong

    I agree with Michael, everyone needs to have a say on these really really important issues. I am so angry about everything that happens in Caistor, just ilke Michael is. The best way to bring change is for everyone to get more angry, especially at Christmas. i have always found it an effective way of getting people to listen . Lets all support Michael.


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