Rock Foundation seeks votes in Aviva funds scheme

The Rock Foundation, which has recently moved into the former Montessori School in Caistor, is asking local residents to vote in a scheme that awards funding support to community projects.

As previously documented by the Citizen, the Rock Foundation is seeking to provide residential facilities and day support for adults with learning difficulties at the former Montessori School site. To help fund its activities, the charity has set up a tea-room, arts and crafts shop, and a sweet emporium at its complex off Grimsby Road. A children’s play area, furniture making workshop and community garden are also planned.

By casting their votes for the Rock Foundation in the Aviva Community Fund, it is hoped Caistor residents could help the charity to access between £10,001 and £25,000 towards support staff, training, specialist equipment and volunteer costs.

The Foundation’s “We’re Good Together” project is aimed at helping people with learning difficulties to achieve their potential and maximise their contribution to their local community.

Caistor residents can cast their votes via this link:

The picture shows the sweet emporium at the Rock Foundation shortly before it opened. Photograph by Stewart Wall


  1. Jacqui Wood

    Thank you to Caistor Citizen for this article. The deadline for voting is 21st November so there is only a week to get votes in. We do hope that the community will agree that the Rock is a worthwhile venture and will vote for them. Thank you so much.

  2. Freda Matthews

    I wish to vote for theRock Foundation for I believe it is a very worthy cause


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