Nick’s half-century

There was some gentle teasing in store for Caistor Primary School teacher Nick McCann as he reached his 50th birthday.

Gifts presented to him during school assembly included a hearing aid, a walking stick and a recipe book for people with false teeth.

It wasn’t all bad however – he was also given a bottle of whisky, which proved a popular choice.

Nick, who is well known for organising music events at the school and locally, is pictured at one of his Dead Skunk Jam nights.

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  1. Carol Barnes

    He is a very talented man and I cannot say how much I enjoyed the concert of Music through the ages at school. It was terrific entertaining and brought a few tears to my eyes as the songs conjured up memories. Moon River was a song my sister and I sang together and was a favourite of my Mum, Blowin in the Wind another. The Michael Jackson song and dance made me laugh so much. All the children looked happy not one bored face. And as they said who could forget Abba. Should have been “Thank you for the Music” but what the eck. Brilliant. Should have been able to buy a cd


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