Costs of CCTV are spelled out

Detailed information about the proposals to install a new CCTV system in Caistor were presented to town councillors on Thursday night (March 10, 2017).

Grant White, who is Enterprising Communities Team Manager at West Lindsey District Council, was addressing Caistor Town Council’s monthly meeting.

Mr White has been overseeing the introduction of CCTV in other towns across the district, including Gainsborough and Market Rasen.

Caistor Town Council has set aside £5,000 in next year’s budget for the cameras, but has not yet decided whether to have them – suggesting that councillors are still seeking the community’s views on the issue.

Mr White said the proposal at present was for two cameras in Caistor’s town centre and three at the Sports Ground.

The suggested sites for the cameras were in the Market Place near the corner of Boots, in the Town Hall car park, two at the Sports and Social Club and one near the skatepark.

Mr White said all the cameras would be able to pan, tilt and zoom. They would be linked via a secure wireless internet connection to a control room in Gainsborough. The control room would be able to respond if alerted to an incident by police and work with them to secure valuable evidence.

The cameras would be able to give good quality images over long distances. Mr White said the camera in the Town Hall car park could also cover the entrance to the Co-op, while the one near Boots would also give a view of some of Plough Hill and the approach to the bus stop. The cameras at the Sports and Social Club should be able to cover most of the sports ground, and the one at the skatepark would also cover the North Kelsey Road entrance.

The two cameras in the town centre would cost £5,500, while the three at the sports ground would cost just under £7,000, said Mr White. They are likely to be operational for at least eight years.

Caistor Town Council could pay for the installation if it wanted to limit a monitoring contract to one year. Alternatively, West Lindsey District Council would be prepared to pay all the installation costs but would seek a minimum four-year monitoring contract to recoup the costs. The cost of monitoring would be £1,000 per camera per year.

Mr White said it might be possible to obtain grant funding for the cameras at the Sports Ground, but this was unlikely in the town centre. He suggested applying to a fund operated by the Police Commissioner.

If West Lindsey bought the cameras, the ethics of using the system would be covered by its code of practice, described by Mr White as “quite a robust system”. The quality of footage would be much greater than those from most supermarkets, which tended to be “off the shelf systems”, he said.

Town Clerk Helen Pitman asked if planning permission would be needed to fit the system? Mr Grant was not sure, He was aware of some fittings being painted elsewhere to make them blend in better with their surroundings. He added that a visit to the control room could be arranged so that councillors could see the system in operation.

Councillors were reminded that they were not being asked to make a decision at Thursday’s meeting. Mayor Carol Mackenzie thanked Mr White for coming to talk to the councillors. “It was very useful,” she said.


  1. Mike Gooseman

    Big brother comes to Caistor. I thought Councils were finding it difficult to make ends meet. It appears not.

  2. Michael Stockwood

    Caistor Town Council and Caistor Development Ltd installed a CCTV system in 2007 at a cost to the rate or tax payer of thousands of pounds, it has NEVER worked since installation. Caistor Town Council has installed CCTV at the Sports field and the Town Hall. The question must be asked why did Grant White of WLDC think more was needed there?

    I have spoken to the Clerk of Gainsborough Town Council and I was assured that there is NO COST WHATSOEVER for CCTV in the town centre at Gainsborough, I rest my case.

  3. Jonathan Holt

    I think WLDC are pushing a CCTV system onto the people of Caistor via the Town council in order to make money for WLDC. One has to ask the question: what crime is going to be stopped (if any) by installing these cameras? Have the police asked for them due to crime levels in Caistor? If the council go for option 2 it will cost £20,000 minimum – couldn’t the money be spent on something else such as sorting out the street lighting down Nettleton Road for a start?


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