Tough message to dog walkers

Dog walkers have been warned that their pets face being banned completely from a council-owned field if incidences of fouling continue.

Caistor Town Council have warned that the situation at the lower field near the Sports Ground will be monitored closely during the next three months. If there is no improvement during that time, dogs could be banned from the Sports Ground altogether.

The warning came at the January meeting of Caistor Town Council, at the Methodist Church Wesley Room last night (Thursday, January 19, 2017).

The council was told that incidences of fouling had risen after action was taken to stop dog walkers from using privately owned farmland adjacent to the lower field. Some owners had for many years allowed their dogs to exercise off the lead on the farmland, but recently wire fencing has been erected, and a hedgerow has been cut back and left lying in a manner that is likely to prevent access.

In a letter to the council, a representative from the company farming the land said the hedgerow was overgrown and work could be undertaken to shape it at a future date. The letter added that it was “a sorry state of affairs when people cannot respect private property”.

Incidents of fouling have also risen in other areas around the town, the council heard.

Above, flashback to January 2016’s Waes-hal by Grimsby Morris Men at the lower field.

Cllr Clive Rudd appealed to fellow councillors to fence off an area of the lower field, away from a children’s football pitch, to create a dedicated area where dogs could be exercised off the lead. He had recently set up a petition, calling for the dog exercise area to be provided, which had been signed by 134 people.

The reasons cited for refusal were that the area “would become a dog toilet”; that there was no allocation for the cost in the recently agreed precept; that it would hinder grass cutting; and that there were other areas in the town, well distributed, where dogs could be exercised off the lead.

Cllr Mike Stopper said the areas were Sandbraes Lane, the “Sheep Field” between Navigation Lane and North Kelsey Road, a walk past the sewage treatment works, Waterhills, Hundon Walk and Canada Lane.

Cllr Rudd expressed disappointment with the council’s decision. “The skatepark cost nearly £70,000, but dog walkers get nothing,” he said. “It would be simple enough to put a fence across there.”

Cllr Alan Caine said he was not anti-dog, but he was anti-fouling.

“We had this problem at South Street Park,” he said. “Out of 134 people who signed the petition, someone must have an idea of who is responsible. They must report them. They should be given three months for the situation to improve. After three months, if we are still suffering dog fouling, I would suggest we look at completely banning dogs from the Sports Ground.”

His proposal was backed by seven votes to one, with one abstention. Another councillor had been temporarily indisposed shortly before the vote took place, had left the room, and not returned in time for the vote.

The council agreed to publicise their decision and the alternative dog walking areas in a newsletter.

The lead photograph shows the sign at South Street Park prohibiting dogs.


  1. Liesbeth

    Dogs off their leads, not under control, also are a nuisance ( or rather: the owners are a nuisance ) and a potential hazard to horses on Canada Lane, which is a bridle way. Can people please be responsible?

  2. H Grant

    I agree completely with this decision. Dog fouling has increased hugely in the past months and there is absolutely NO excuse for owners not to clear up after their pet. I understand that older pet owners may have physicsl difficulties in cleaning up, but, whilst in holiday abroad I saw owners using long handled devices to do the job. I don’t know if they are available here, maybe the council could look into it and advise us accordingly. However, I still believe that the onus is on owners to comply with the law and be responsible for their pets.

  3. H Grant

    Further to my post. i just ‘googled’ long handled scoopers and Argos have them for £7.99! Here NO excuse for owners not to clear up! Financially, £7.99 is a drop in the ocean if you are a dog owner!

  4. Mike Gooseman

    We don’the want the problem of left canine excreta down Canada lane we have enough inconsiderate so called dog lovers leaving their mess (as it’s not the dogs fault). By banning dog walking from one area does not solve the problem, it only transfers it.
    Dogood scoops, long handled or not are not the answer as I can see the stuff getting scooped and flicked. A plastic bag with a dispoable glove is the most hygienic way of cleaning it up, I’ve done it for years and regard ito as my morale duty.
    I agree with Liesbeth increasing the amount dogs using the bridle way increases the risk to both horses and riders. Additionally, cars should be banned from using the bridle way.


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