Lions get ready for fireworks display

Caistor and District Lions will be busy today preparing for their annual fireworks display at South Street Park this evening (Saturday, November 5, 2016).

The event is normally regarded as the group’s biggest fundraiser and is hugely popular, attracting viewers from across Lincolnshire.

The Lions’ display sometimes has some quirky elements to it, but for years it has consistently been entertaining.

Parking will be provided at Caistor Yarborough Academy. There will be some road closures and changes to local bus routes.

Gates open at 5.45pm, with a junior display (no loud bangs) planned at 6.45pm, the bonfire lighting at 7pm, and the main display at 7.30pm.

Star Trek has been chosen as the main theme, to fit in with 50th anniversary of the creation of the TV series.

Visitors are asked to give donations, rather than being charged admission at the gates.

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  1. Mike Gooseman

    Should be banned as they are a nuisance to both domestic and wild animals


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