Brigg Road homes plan rejected

West Lindsey’s Planning Committee last night (Wednesday, September 21, 2016) rejected an outline application to build 69 homes off Brigg Road in Caistor.

Councillors voted by seven votes, with one abstention, to reject the long-running proposal after hearing there were concerns over sewerage and pollution to chalk streams from water run-off.

However, the councillors did say the site near to Waterhills had potential for development and they would be willing to work with the applicants again if they wished to submit a new proposal.

An appeal was made at last night’s meeting from resident Paul Stubbs regarding traffic hazards, especially during icy weather. “All residents would tell you how dangerous this section of road is.”

Planning Officer Jonathan Cadd said highways experts had raised no concerns about traffic.

Planning Committee Chairman Stuart Curtis asked if it would be difficult for the committee to over-ride the advice from highways experts. He seemed to imply that he also had concerns about traffic by adding, “These problems were quite clear during our site meeting this morning.”

The committee heard that Caistor Neighbourhood Plan, backed by local voters in January, had not proposed any site allocations, while the proposed Central Lincolnshire Plan, which still has to be approved by an independent inspector, had outlined 50 homes to be allocated for the site. Mark Hodson, agent for the applicants, said the scheme needed 69 homes to be financially viable.

Cllr Owen Bierley, who is also a district councillor for Caistor, pointed out that the only way to link the development into the local sewage treatment works was by pumping waste up to a junction with North Street. He pointed out there was a 20-metre height differential and that Anglian Water had suggested the infrastructure between the North Street chamber and the treatment plant was insufficient to cope.

Cllr Ian Fleetwood said the site visit had illustrated more clearly the steepness of slopes around the site and said he was also concerned about pumping sewage. He pointed out it would require considerable investment in pipes and pumps. “It would be most unfortunate if it did not work.”

Cllr  Hugo Marfleet added, “The site has potential, without a shadow of a doubt, but you’ve got to get the drainage right.”

The committee heard that the applicants can now choose either to resubmit their plans or go to appeal, but they would be given an opportunity to resolve issues.

West Lindsey’s webcast of the committee meeting can be viewed on


  1. Carol Barnes

    Well what does everyone think of this decision. I don’t know if I should be happy or cry

  2. Heather Grant

    Although we were specifically told that no decision would be made at this meeting because the site meeting had only taken place the same morning! At least sense has prevailed, the road is dangerous, even the councillors could see that, but Highways ignore the dangers despite permission being denied previously for access onto Brigg Road. Have the current ‘powers that be’ in Highways even bothered to come out and look at the road? It appears not, so, upon resubmission of the plans maybe pressure should be brought to bear on them to take a look. As to the drainage, AW say the sewage cannot be pumped to the North Street connection, pipe work is inadequate.

  3. alan caine

    May I clarify, regarding Highways. Unless LCC Highways specifically ask for conditions or scheme to be included, the Planning Authority, WLDC, cannot condition it on their own, however many concerns the members of Planning Committee may have. (which was alluded to in the debate)


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