Night to celebrate young footballers’ achievements

Dozens of families gathered at Caistor Town Hall on Saturday night (June 18, 2016) to recognise the achievements of the town’s rising football stars.

The Tennyson Tigers’ annual presentation night kicked off with a sausage and chip supper, and a few name-guessing competitions to raise money for St Andrew’s Hospice.


A sausage and chip supper before the presentations

Coaches John Lynskey, Andy French and “Sammy” Asquith could not disguise their pride at the young players’ sporting achievements.

Every player was awarded with a medal and a trophy.

Lead image: Young footballers wait patiently during the trophy presentation ceremony, and below, secretary Emma Lynskey and coach John Lynskey presenting awards.


Emma and John Lynskey present awards to the u-8s

Team shots supplied below:-
Top: Andy French with his u-10 team; second: John Lynskey with his u-8 team; bottom: “Sammy” Simon Asquith with his u-10 team

andy french john lynskey sammy asquith

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