Parking enforcement: ‘You asked for it!’

The new two-hour limit on parking in Caistor Market Place has had some repercussions on people unloading their vehicles, Caistor Town Council heard last Thursday (January 14, 2016).

Lincolnshire County Councillor Tony Turner attended the council meeting in his role of liaising with parish and town councils within his ward. He told the council that parking enforcement officers had visited Caistor three times this year.

“I’m very pleased with the enforcement carried out so far, but there is a problem,” said Cllr Alan Caine. “Some of the enforcement officers are keen on people unloading. They should be given time to allow for unloading. Can the officers be reminded that unloading is legal?”

Cllr Turner said he had spoken with the chief officer, but he added, “You asked for it!”

“It will take a couple of months to settle down,” Cllr Turner added. “The last thing we want to do is upset those in business.”


  1. Steve hannibal

    I agree that there needs to be some common sense with loading/unloading but why do the enforcement officers walk past the entrance to co-op and ignore three vehicles blatantly parked on the double yellow lines?
    Are they being selective in their duties or just turning up because they have to to tick the box?

  2. Joe

    The co-op is privetly owned and managed by the co-op themselves. It’s not council land. However it does have its own parking enforcement officers.

  3. Jonathan Holt

    I think the Town Council has yet again shot itself in the foot, by accident or design I am not sure. I fully support the Town Council in their attempt to stop people parking all day in the Market Place thus stopping potential tourists/customers from shopping etc in the town centre. However I would be interested to see when/how the instigator of the 2 hour limit consulted the remaining non-fastfood businesses left in the Market Place area over their timing requirements. My hairdresser certainly says she has not been consulted. It can take in excess of 3 hours for a full cut/perm on elderly ladies – are they expected to rush out and move the car? If you are having a business meeting in the Settlement over the lunch period this can easily exceed the 2 hours- would you ask your business client to go and move his car in the middle of the meeting?
    So a 4 hour period would have the same effect of stopping people parking all day but would cover most of the business activities in the Market Place.
    We then move onto the layout of the parking bays and numbers of bays. The LCC Highways marked out the bays according to the Town Council directive.I have checked and they are a permitted legal length and width according to Highways. However we now have the situation that most modern cars are wider and longer than the bays as marked. Several people have already been booked for “overhanging” by inches length or width wise the bays and given on the spot fines of £50. Once this becomes widely known then people will be literally frightened to park during the day. Surely the idea was to make space available not give fines to LCC ??
    Regarding the width of the bays they are so tight that even if I can park my vehicle within the bay I cannot open the doors to get out! (or back in if I go to shop and return with a car either side parked legally!) What’s the point of having more parking bays if you can’t use them?


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