Wolds Retreat wins residency permissions

Occupiers at the Wolds Retreat will be able to use their luxury lodges as their only place of residence, a West Lindsey Planning Committee decided on Wednesday (January 13, 2016).

Town councillor Martin Sizer addressed the meeting at Gainsborough on behalf of Caistor Town Council, saying local businesses had supported the application via a petition.

Caistor resident Kate Galligan also spoke at the meeting, saying the site owner had showed his faith in Caistor. “It is time we had faith in him.”

West Lindsey District Council has provided a webcast of the debate in full. The link is http://www.west-lindsey.public-i.tv/core/portal/webcast_interactive/205281, with the discussion marked under Caistor.

The decision was carried by six votes to four.

Permission for full occupancy rights will be subject to certain conditions, some of which still have to be worked out, under a Section 106 agreement. They include offsite contributions to affordable housing, a contribution towards health and education services if requested, a regular bus service into Caistor, construction of a 1.2 metre wide footway with lighting,and water run-off arrangements.

Some concerns were expressed by Cllr David Cotton that over ten years there had been a process of “getting residential development by stealth.” His concerns were backed by the Planning Committee Chairman Stuart Curtis.

Principal Development Planning Officer George Bakovic said it was a case that could go either way, while Jessie Milne pointed out: “Everyone seems to be for it.”

Cllr Roger Patterson suggested that the bus service could be volunteer-run, with the vehicle occasionally being available for use by others in the Caistor community.

Planning consultant Rachael Bartlett told the meeting the cost of providing the footway was estimated to be £233,000. Ground rents were currently £1,800 a year per pitch.

The photograph shows site owner Bill Green with his son Asa at Wolds Retreat.


  1. H Grant

    I was pleased to see that, for once, common sense has prevailed, although it seems that it was a close-run thing! Congrats, Wold View, I wish you every success in the future!

  2. Richard Wish

    Very pleased to see a strong message of support from Caistor residents has been reflected in s planning decision

  3. Ian peel

    Such a shame that this wasn’t given sooner. My father and his wife purchased one of the cabins to live in for a happy retirement. Due to all the upset that was caused, it made my father ill. Unfortunately I will be going to my father’s funeral next week.


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