Relief road still possible

A relief road for Caistor is still possible at some point in the future, a district councillor said on Thursday. (November 12, 2015).

West Lindsey District Councillor Owen Bierley was speaking to Caistor Town Council about the Draft Central Lincolnshire Local Plan.

Cllr Bierley said a request had been made to be mindful with housing development so that it would not preclude a relief road in the future.

Cllr Jayne Bowman asked if such a route would be in the same place as an earlier planned relief road.

“Logically, yes,” replied Cllr Bierley. Stressing the need to plan for such a route, he added, “The proposal is to increase housing and traffic by 50%. We will get to a point where it does not work with access to the town.”

Cllr Alan Caine said he could not see it taking the same route as the 1993 plan as permission to develop some of the land has already been granted. He said there was a blueprint for a relief road stored at Caistor’s Multi-Use Centre.

Cllr Steve Millson asked if the request had come too late as some of the route had already been designated for development.

“We are where we are,” replied Cllr Bierley. “Within the county at the moment we are so stretched that nothing is going to happen in the near future. We need to make the case for Caistor. Provided we can make a strong enough case, we could go for funding.”

Cllr Bierley also referred to a major investment programme in rail passenger and freight services in North Lincolnshire which will bring long-term improvements, but might affect some local level crossings on certain days.

West Lindsey District Council has also applied to become full members of the Humber Enterprise Partnership, said Cllr Bierley.

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