Extraordinary meeting to discuss Retreat

An extraordinary meeting has been called by Caistor Town Council to discuss all-year occupancy at the Wolds Retreat off Brigg Road.

The meeting will be held at the Town Hall Arts Centre at 7.30pm on Thursday (September 24, 2015).

Its timing may have come as a surprise, as the owner of the site had invited councillors and public to come to a drop-in session at the site on Saturday (September 26).

However, some councillors and residents from nearby properties did manage to call at the site over the weekend and speak to owner Bill Green about his plans.

“I’m very grateful they made the time to come,” said Mr Green. “It was good that they could see the site for themselves.”

Mr Green said he hoped to be at Thursday’s meeting, along with planning consultant Rachael Bartlett.

The application is to allow occupants to use their luxury log cabins as their main residential address, and to stay at the site all year round. At present they can stay for 12 months of the year and must have another address.

A previous application for all-year permissions was turned down on appeal earlier this year over concerns it would encourage a high level of private car use.

Mr Green says he is willing to pay to extend a pavement along Brigg Road out to the site. The planning application offers to provide a minibus service from the site into Caistor. He is also seeking separate permission for a small shop that would sell basic items such as bread and milk.

Only a small part of the 12-acre site can be seen from the road. Although it is surrounded by fields with no near neighbours, it is classed as a brownfield site as the area was once a quarry. The access is off a straight road.

West Lindsey District Council will decide the planning application, but it is seeking the town council’s views.

Five residents have expressed support for the plan in comments to the Citizen and on Facebook, with most saying it would bring more trade to local businesses. The Citizen has not seen any adverse comments.

The top picture by Stewart Wall shows Mr Green and his son Asa on one of the empty plots at Wolds Retreat.


  1. carol Barnes

    Sounds well thought out and I can’t see why it should not be approved

  2. steve blythin

    Permanent residency of wolds retreat can only be positive for caistor, helping it financially. A footpath along brigg road is crucial and long over due, and would make walking into caistor a pleasure rather than the dangerous nightmare that it is at present.
    There is not one good reason why wolds retreat should not become residential, so come on west lindsey council, wake up! Its time for change, so get out of the dark ages and let it be residential!!


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