Corinne Brant: A lady and a farmer

Image and words by Stewart Wall.

It is so sad to hear that the lovely Corinne Brant has passed away. I first met her when we were setting up our photographic studio in Mill Lane and she would pop along to see how the building work was going. We had many visitors, but Corinne stood out for giving us so much friendly encouragement.

When I was photographing her neighbour Colin Wood for The Stonemason book, Corinne would arrive while we were taking the photographs with a cup of coffee and a chocolate biscuit.

She and her husband Motley visited The Stonemason exhibition at The Arts and Heritage centre where I took this image of them.

A couple of weeks ago she dropped her camera off to us as the film had jammed inside – yes film; Corinne still used a film camera. When Jessica and I delivered the camera back to her, having removed the film intact, she told me the chemist would often laugh at her for still using film. But when I looked around her living room and saw all the prints, I realised the benefits of getting a set of prints back.

We had a lovely chat with her, but only for an hour or so as she had an appointment. She told us how from the age of six she knew she wanted to be a farmer. Her father, a trawler owner, had purchased her first field for her after she had attended farming college when she was 18. She showed a lot of interest in Jessica’s education plans and spoke of her own children and grandchildren. As we left she gave Jessica a big bag of sweets.



  1. Carol Barnes

    She was one in a million. She and Motley were friends with my parents for many years. Music was a great love of hers as it was of my Dad Harold and they would always have lots to discuss and he would play the piano for her. She was an extremely kind lady. Her acts of kindness were just part of who she was. She was a Governor at Caistor Yarborough School and I remember her in the 1990’s encouraging my daughter Sarah with her instruments and playing her bass when the opportunity arose. She had been suffering with her health for a number of years but always managed a smile. She will be sadly missed. R.I.P Corinne

  2. Bob Harrison

    So sorry to hear that Corrine has gon over the Rainbow Bridge . I know who will be there to give her a welcome.
    Sincere condolences to all her family in my absence.
    Bob Harrison.


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