Bespoke tattoo service offered by illustrator

A new shop is to open in Caistor this week offering a bespoke tattoo service.

Ninefold Custom Tattoo and Gallery has been set up in The Cornhill by Caistor resident Rowan Wildash, who noticed that many of her customers were travelling long distances to use her services.

“I was travelling long distances too, working in several places, but one of those was in Yorkshire,” said Rowan.

“I noticed that people who walked to work were far more relaxed about life and I decided I would like to be able to walk to work.

“Then I noticed many customers were already travelling long distances to see me and if they could see me in Caistor that would cut their journey times.”

Rowan’s style is elaborate, highly detailed black dot and line work. “It can’t be worked up in minutes. It often takes a couple of days for me to draw up a large piece,” said Rowan.

“I do have designs which are ready to be tattooed if someone chooses but once it’s tattooed on them I’ll never tattoo it on another person, as I believe that if you get a tattoo it should be yours and as individual as you are.”

“I don’t do walk-in’s. All the designs are custom drawn by me and tailored to each client,” added Rowan. “I start with a client booking in for a consultation where we talk about their requirements and ideas. The actual work may take several sessions because it is kinder to your skin and makes the tattoo more effective.”

DSCF6380 ninefold

Rowan has a BA (Hons) and Masters degree in illustration and has worked in book illustration for many years. She became involved in the tattoo industry about six years ago after being contacted by several salons seeking permission to recreate her illustrations.

Although camera-shy – she did not want the Citizen to take a photograph of her – and declaring herself to be “more radio 4 than rock and roll”, Rowan is chatty and passionate about her work.

“I’ve always got to be drawing something,” she said and when the Citizen called on her, she was creating a striking line drawing of a female figure, with Gothic influences.

Amazingly, despite having lived in Caistor for many years, she says she hardly knows anyone here.

Her salon, located next door to the Tea Cosy Cafe, is tastefully decorated and Rowan is thinking of displaying small pieces of work by other artisans, she said.

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  1. Denise wilks

    Rowan is a very talented artist with a very unique style x Is excellent that we have the opportunity locally to have a work of art to keep xx


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