Casting vote decides who is mayor

Caistor’s new mayor is Councillor Carol Mackenzie, pictured, who was selected for the position last night (Thursday, May 14, 2015).

Cllr Mackenzie faced tough competition, with seven councillors backing her for mayor, and seven others backing newly-elected councillor Michael Galligan for the role.

Outgoing mayor Steve Millson used his casting vote to back Cllr Mackenzie, who was last year’s deputy mayor.

“There is a tendency for the deputy mayor to move forward which I think there is some logic to,” said Cllr Millson.

Cllr Alan Caine also backed Cllr Mackenzie. “She has served as deputy mayor and has done it very well,” he said.

Cllr Galligan, pictured, was chosen to be the town’s deputy mayor after being praised for his work in the community by Cllr Martin Sizer.

Other councillors were voted on to the following positions:

Chair of planning committee – Cllr Alan Caine
Chair of finance committee – Cllr Michael Galligan
Chair of employment committee – Cllr Steve Millson
Chair of economic development committee – Cllr Deborah Barker
Cllr responsible for sports ground and to sit on Caistor’s Sports and Social Club committee – Cllr Carol Mackenzie, with Cllr Angela Clark as her deputy
Cllr responsible for churchyards and cemetery – Cllr Alan Somerscales
Cllr responsible for parks – Cllr Mike Stopper
Cllr responsible for allotments – Cllr Alan Somerscales
Town Hall trustee representative – Cllr Jacqui Hughes

The councillors voted not to make audio or visual recordings of their meetings.

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