Newly elected town councillors to discuss purchase of former Co-op

All of the councillors who put themselves forward for re-election for Caistor Town Council were successful, it was revealed yesterday.

Eight councillors put themselves up for re-election. They were Deborah Barker, Alan Caine, Jacqui Hughes, Carol Mackenzie, Steve Millson, Martin Sizer, Alan Somerscales and Michael Stopper.

The eight will be joined by teacher Jayne Bowman, forklift driver Baz Burnett, retired hairdresser Angela Clarke, accountant Michael Galligan, retired safety consultant Clive Rudd, and haulier Jon Wright.

The newly-elected council will be straight down to business, with the purchase of the former Co-op back on the agenda when they meet in a few days’ time.

The new council will also be asked to ratify the appointment of a new project manager for the Positive Activities programme when it meets on Thursday (May 14).

The district elections brought about big changes in the way Caistor is represented at West Lindsey, after an electoral review approved in 2012 recommended the formation of the Caistor and Yarborough Ward.

In effect, two areas were merged and where there previously would have been three councillors, the new ward is now represented by two. The move saw Keelby stalwart Owen Bierley and Caistor’s Angela Lawrence win for the Conservative Party, with long-serving independent councillor Alan Caine becoming a casualty of the changes.

Many of Caistor’s citizens expressed shock, anger and sorrow on Facebook and on Alan Caine’s timeline at the result.

“You obtained so much for Caistor besides dedicating 24 hrs a day to the job,” said one.

Another added: “You have contributed so much to the life of the council and have been a beacon of free thought and common sense that I think you are a victim of boundary changes rather than a vote about your considerable qualities.”

Many people have also been inquiring about the voting figures of the town council elections. These numbers were taken by a representative of Caistor Citizen as the results were announced, but might be amended after confirmation by West Lindsey District Council:

Deborah Barker (E) 529;
Jayne Bowman (E) 474;
Baz Burnett (E) 441;
Alan Caine (E) 975;
Angela Clark (E) 600;
Stewart Davey 438;
Michael Galligan (E) 822;
Jacqui Hughes (E) 573;
Mark Hughes 342;
Ron Lyus 331;
Carol Mackenzie (E) 560;
Steve Millson (E) 499;
Clive Rudd (E) 465;
Howard Scott 230;
Ian Short 365;
Martin Sizer (E) 805;
Alan Somerscales (E) 684;
Michael Stopper (E) 465;
Shona Wall 406;
David Wright 310;
Jon Wright (E) 670.

Picture shows from left: Jacqui Hughes, Carol Mackenzie, Deborah Barker, West Lindsey District Council’s Chief Executive Manjeet Gill, Michael Galligan and Steve Millson

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  1. Chris Carver

    At long last somebody has published these results. Congratulations to those elected, commiserations to those who were not.

    However, I am surprised that the purchase of the Coop is not only back on the agenda, but also it is to be considered at the first meeting post election. Is this because the re-elected councillors hope to push it through before the new councillors have had a chance to “read in”? I was told by departing councillors that they finally opposed the previous attempt to purchase the Coop because it was not viable and they could not back a project that would have saddled the Town with a huge debt. What has changed apart from the departure of these councillors? I note that Lincs Heritage Trust and Caistor Heritage Trust are proposed partners, but do they have any financial backing?

    Don’t get me wrong, I agree that something needs to be done, but surely this should be a commercial enterprise by a large company with the proper financial backing eg the Coop?

    Finally, you state that the appointment of a project manager for the Positive Activities Prgramme will be discussed at the next meeting, but I note that this will be in the closed session where members of the public cannot hear what is said and are subsequently unable to garner what has been discussed because the Minutes are not terribly informative to those who are not present.


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