Golf bylaw

Caistor Town Council has highlighted the reasons why it does not want people to hit golf balls in the town’s parks.

The concerns were listed after it was reported at the town council meeting on Thursday (March 12, 2015) that a man had been seen hitting golf balls at the sports field off North Kelsey Road.

Fears that golf balls might hit other people, parked cars, buildings and windows, or moving traffic on nearby roads, plus damage to the grass were the reasons why a bylaw was put in place forbidding the activity.

A maintenance worker has been given the difficult task of talking to people if he sees them breaking the bylaws, the council heard. He is also authorised to enforce the bylaws by West Lindsey District Council.

A feeder pillar and electricity supply has also been installed at South Street Park, which will make it easier for events to be held there, councillors were told.

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