Council newsletter to be put out to tender

Caistor Town Council

Clerk Helen Pitman made a call last night for Caistor Town Council to have a professionally-produced newsletter.

No reasons were given at last night’s town council meeting (Thursday, February 12, 2015) as to why the newsletter had been suggested. Mayor Steve Millson opened the discussion on the agenda item by asking Ms Pitman if she wanted to comment.

“As you know, in the past as town clerk I have produced a newsletter and I would be the first to admit IT skills are not my forte,” said Ms Pitman.

“Really, I think Caistor now has a professional council and to present the right image it would be much better to produce something professionally,” she said. “It needs to go out to every household rather than places where people can pick them up,”

Cllr Alan Caine said the Scouts were looking for funding and perhaps they could distribute the newsletter.  “Maybe we should offer it to different groups as a fund-raiser,” he said.

Cllr Millson said the newsletter would have to be put out to tender.

Cllr Caine pointed out there were special restrictions covering the media reporting of councillors during the run-up to an election. “We can’t put it out prior to the election,” he said.

It was agreed to put the proposal on the next meeting agenda.

  • The Citizen has invited the council to comment on why the newsletter had been proposed. Ms Pitman released this statement:
    "As your report states, production of a council newsletter is 
    not a new thing. This has been written and produced by the town clerk 
    in the past. Council agreed last night to consider a professionally 
    produced newsletter to be distributed to all households, as happens in 
    other parishes. It is presumed the content will still remain the 
    clerk's responsibility, unless council resolves otherwise."

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  1. Jonathan Holt

    Dear Shona Wall- it would appear that you too have noticed that the Town Council “move in mysterious ways”, to put it mildly.I suggest that you have already established an excellent platform from which to produce such a newsletter and that you put in an offer/bid to produce the newsletter as we don’t need too many different organisations in Caistor diluting the information.


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